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PR: Bitboost Releases Beta Version of the Block and Prepares Token.Coinbase offers customers the ability to buy and sell bitcoin with euros in 24 European countries, including Greece.Bitcoin ATMs could spring up across Greece as soon as October as citizens and businesses become increasingly desperate to move their money despite capital controls.Bitcoin surged by as much as 7 percent on Tuesday and was on track for its longest winning streak in 18 months, as concerns that Greece could tumble out of the euro.Some Greeks are converting euros into bitcoin to evade currency controls and guard against the prospect that they might. the only Greece-based bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is not affected by the current trends in Greece, meaning it is a relatively safe option to invest savings into.But if the Euro is the problem, switching to Bitcoin would be like trying.

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Spanish company called Bitchain of announced on July 11 the.Cubits Teams Up with BTCGreece to Install 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs in.Alternative currencies love a good crisis, and bitcoin is no exception.

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Bitcoin, the volatile digital currency, cannot help the Greeks of today, writes Christopher Mims.

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This week, there was a 35 percent increase in activity in Greece compared to average weeks for the company Coinbase, which allows people to buy and store bitcoins, the electronic currency introduced in 2009.

The Greek financial crisis has bolstered European interest in bitcoin, but capital controls make it difficult for Greeks to buy in.There is a certain psychology of markets that must be understood before.

In fact, an International Business Times article yesterday titled.Bitcoin surged by as much as 7 percent on Tuesday and was on track for its longest winning streak in 18 months, as concerns that Greece could tumble out of.

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A 38-year-old Russian man has been arrested in Northern Greece for his suspected role in the operation of the shadowy bitcoin exchange BTC-e.Paul Mason has an interesting piece arguing that Greece could well introduce an adaptation of Bitcoin as a way of dealing with the current debt problem.

Legality of bitcoin by country or territory The legal status of bitcoin varies.Suspected BTC-e mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, was arrested on Wednesday whilst vacationing with his partner in Northern Greece.Online payments using local debit and credit cards have been halted in Greece, including use on iTunes and Amazon.

Capital controls took effect in Greece earlier this month, restricting bank.Greece could possible adopt bitcoin under the rule of Syriza.

The citizens of Greece will go to the polls on Sunday to vote in a referendum on demands.Bitcoin in Greece is not just hype but a solution to day to day problems of people and businesses.There are many factors to consider when monitoring the value of something such as Bitcoin.Bitcoin has gained about 3 percent over the past week and nearly 10 percent since the beginning of June.

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Bitcoin has exploded since the Greek crisis has gotten worse, and it may be too much for the currency to handle.